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Myinstantoffer – Pre-Approved Personal Loan

Myinstantoffer – Taking a bank loan has been simplified with the passage of time. Bank loans are preferred for their feasibility. My instantoffer.com is for people in the United States. It is a convenient way for people to obtain huge loans for new start-ups or to expand their business.


Whether one wants to buy a new car, property, or refurbish the interiors of a home – myinstantoffer facilitates you to do so and much more like setup funds for education and weddings.

Loans from the bank are accompanied with interests, rates, conditions and deadlines. It takes years to pay off the loans and the process of monthly and annual installments is tiring. Sometimes it becomes impossible to pay off the loans and interest increases multifold.

However better options are present in the market to take loans, still banks are preferred. This is because of their reliability and convenience as well as appeal in comparison to other lending options.

The Myinstantoffer Challenges of taking loans from Banks


Banks ensure that their borrowers are investing in productive investments so that the debt is eventually paid off. Therefore it becomes difficult to generate loans for startups and venture involving entrepreneurship. It also becomes difficult if the borrower has an unstable, unreliable or low income and has few prospects of future jobs.


The condition associated with loans is that of monthly or annual installments. If a person fails to pay these, the borrower is at the risk. The lender can seize the assets of the borrower where their ownership will be transferred to the bank.. The bank has the right to cut the credit score of the borrower and also prohibit them from taking loans in the future. Investors are in a better position at this place as they receive dividends of profit and don’t have to pay installments.

Variable Payments:

Interest rates often vary and fluctuate with changes in the market. Hence future installments become unpredictable and it is challenging for borrowers to plan for the future.

Banks have always been a reliable loan lending option; However loan lending via online can be better. Interest rates are less in comparison to banks and repayment is far easier. Online loan lending services are progressing towards wider acceptance.

Myinstantoffer.com is a forum where investors, as well as loan seekers, can connect online and choose and select from the deals which they find the best. The website operates under Lending club which is based in San Francisco. It is also registered with SEC ie the Securities and Exchange Commission and is known to be among the first ones to do so.

It also works in the secondary market. Basically, it offers a lower interest rate than most other online lenders and offers larger loans up to $40,000 to applicants who meet the prerequisites. The loan grant is made by WebBank, which is an insured and customized industrial bank. Applications are considered depending on the amount, loan term, their past credits and credit scores.

Be it startups, entrepreneurs, college students or parents the lending club is extremely useful for all. It gives its borrowers a chance to give house downpayments buy vehicles or shop on lease and pay for treatments. The website is very useful for companies or parties who want to borrow la arge sum of money at lower rates

Myinstantoffer Lending Club offers For Myinstantoffer

World’s largest lending platform is lending club.It was initiated in 2006 by facebook located in San Francisco and is among its first user applications.

In its early stage, it secured investments from Premium investors Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners. Soon it progressed into a full-scale business. Till December 2015, it has been able to create approximately  $16 billion through loans.

For loans lent there is a standard three-year duration with amounts ranging from one up to four thousand dollars. When a potential borrower wants a loan, they can put up a requirement advertisement. Investors select borrowers on the basis of the following conditions – the amount,  loan term, rate of interest. The Investors get the interest as their profit. Further, the club generates income money through charging service fees from both parties.

In the year 2008 lending club stopped registration of lenders. it also filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States to ask for approval of issuing its lender’s promissory notes. This request was approved by SEC and the process was completed by October 14, 2008 from when the website started registering new lenders.

The notes which are issued after the lending date are basically security from the lending club and not a direct requirement of the borrower. Loans are purchased from the bank by the club and by default, promissory notes become obligations of the lending club and not of the borrower of the loan. The owner of the note is paid by the lending club trough the money returned by the borrower after deducting the service fees

The note owner becomes an unsecured creditor of the lending club. if the company goes bankrupt the lender will lose their money. Foiliofn is Lending Club’s partner. On their website notes can be bought and sold. Hence the FOLIOfn trading platform is a secondary market for the notes.

Hence lending club is the first lending network based on the concept of peer to peer lending providing access to such a wide secondary market to its customers.

Investors have the option to sell their notes even before they mature and also buyers can cash the notes as per their worth. A fee of 1% is charged by FOLIOfn on note stakes.

Hedge funds are credited to be among the major fund providers for the lending club.

How does it work?

Lending club website features data of several potential borrowers which ranges from individuals to ventures and companies. What is also included are the relevant details of the party such as – income , requirement, financial history, credit history, credit score and reliability. Anyone who hopes to secure a loan can upload all these details at www.myinstantoffer.com. via a website application.

On the basis of the information provided lending, club assigns a credit grade to each potential borrower which in turn determines what their interest rates would be. The borrowers who qualify the set requirements are qualified in a matter of minutes and are free to consider the loan options which they now have.

The lending club boasts of 24% fewer interest rates in comparison to conventional bank loans granted by banks. Usually, the repayment duration is three years. However, options with a five-year duration are also available though with higher interest rates. Hence for people looking for personal loans Myinstant offer is the best option.

Performance graph and statistics of the lending club are impressive. As per data provided by lending club.com an average borrower has been associated with the club for an approx period of 16.2 years and had- FICO score 699, 17.7% income ratio, $73.945 personal income and took loans of about $14,553 every year.

Borrowers and investors have access to loans listed on the website from where they chose as per their convenience and requirements. After the sanctioning of the loan the borrowers give monthly installments while the lenders gain monthly interests.

Why use Myinstantoffer Lending Club?

The lending club boasts of high customer satisfaction rates in the finance industry which can be checked out through the website myinstantoffer.com. Its high consumer satisfaction can be credited to its attractive offers for its potential borrowers and customers and also to its risk-free and extremely reliable investment opportunities as well as viable options for its customers.

The investment procedure is extremely straightforward and the users are provided with solid returns.


Privacy of all users and the information provided to the lending club is guaranteed. All information is confidential and private and personal data is not sold, distributed or shared with third parties. The site deduces relevant facts from the data provided which are useful to the investors who provide loans. This guarantees the borrowers that by providing their personal information to the site they are not putting their personal information n risk. Hence they can have complete confidence in the company’s privacy policy.


The club also commits to providing its users with information about the previous loans and performance of the investors, the companies background data and services provided. When one applies for loans it is important to check the credibility and reliability of the loan provider. The deal should be transparent and free of hidden conditions. It is also important that the borrowers are well aware of all the policies of the provider as well as investor’s terms and conditions.

How to Take a Myinstantoffer Loan at Lending Club?

Any potential borrower of myinstantoffer.com should always take some steps of precaution to ensure trouble-free journey.

Terms and Conditions

Borrowers should do enough research to be well aware of the contact’s legal bindings that they are signing. The maximum payment period and methods of payment should be known. Also the borrower should be clear with the annual percentage rate and the dollar amount of fees.

Processing Time

In cases where the borrower wants loan within a short period oft time they can consider lenders who offer quick service on the website. This would make sure that the borrower doesnt have to wait long for the loan and proceeds smoothly.

Compare Offers

Research is the key to find the lowest interest rates and also the most reliable and best payment options. Look and compare all the potential lenders and their details with one another. Find the best rated. cheap and convenient lender. Doing this would save your valuable money, time and make your journey hassle free throughout. Before finalizing a lender have a look at their reviews, comments by consumers, overall acceptance and the reliability of the claims done.

Myinstantoffer Pre-Approval Loans

Visit the website myinstantoffer.com for preapproved loans and you will be redirected to the lending club. Here you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Amount of loan: The borrower is required to specify a certain amount between $10,000 and $40,000 and the purpose for which the loan is being taken. The current credit score should be mentioned which in turn defines your history so far. One must choose from options such as- Excellent (greater than 720), Good (660 – 720), Fair (600- 660), Poor (600 or less) or Don’t Know.
  • The identity of the borrower: The borrower must clarify his identity , whether it is a party individual or partnership. Partners are eligible for a greater amount of loan.
  • Personal data: Here the borrower must provide personal details such as age, date of birth ad details.
  • Income of borrower: Here the borrower must disclose his income with the website. The income can be in form of salary , pension or state provided incomes. Any other sources of income which may be used to clear debt should also be clarified.
  • Name: The credit report is linked to the borrower’s name which allows the website to verify the borrower’s credit.
  • Address: The borrower’s postal address should be provided for additional verification.
  • Email: Providing email address allows the club to contact you and set up your account.
  • Terms and conditions: The borrower is required to provide his consent to a contact where he confirms that he understands and agrees with the policies of the loan provider.
  • Social security number: Borrowers and users are asked to provide their social security numbers.

Once the queries are answered you will be informed within few minutes of your selection and rejection along with the causes of your ineligibility if so. Qualified candidates can apply for loans from myinstantoffer.com. Everytime the applicants should carefully and meticulously consider and analyse all the available options before selecting a particular loan lending option.Further the applicant is required to wait for the customers to select their cases . Depending on the case this waiting duration may range from hours to weeks.

Once the loans are funded the money is transferred to the bank account of the applicant generally after a period of four working days. The best part of the deal is that the website ensures to keep your identity and personal information protected and therefore the funder is not able to connect the borrower directly.

Requirements for All Investments

Investment promissory noted are not provided in all U.S states like Kansas, Oregon. Maryland, Ohio and Columbia. The investor must meet certain prerequisites to be a member of the lending side of the lending club. In certain states a minimum income requirement is $70,000.This may vary with other states. However this requirement may not be applicable if the net worth of the investor equals to or is greater than $25,000. In such cases that the investor’s maximum investment should not exceed one tenth of their net worth at the lending club.

The minimum amount requirement to invest in a single note is $25 which is also the minimum for opening an account at the lending club.

Ways to Invest at Lending Club

Investors at lending club are provided with two options of investment:

Manual investing involves going manually through the options and then selecting .One can use filters to sort with respect to relevant criteria.. All the options that fallunder the selected criteria will be picked and presented.

One can invest in a loan entirely or buy them in parts and fractions through notes. Notes are bought with increments of $25. 


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