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myhr cvs – Facing difficulties managing your work at CVS health? Worry not. CVS has an official website for its employees that helps them with all their work related queries and provides essential information for a better day to day working environment. The website works for both CVS Health and Minute Clinic employees.

My CVS hr Employee Login Portal


With such expanded services across various states of America, it becomes a little difficult for employees to communicate directly to their Human Resource managers and discuss any work related issues. Hence, they can use the website to get information about:

  • Employee discount offers.
  • Easy access to all your CVS Health benefits.
  • Working schedules and schemes for every employee of CVS Health and MinuteClinic.

The website can be used both by new and existing employees of CVS Health or Minute Clinic. Myhrcvs is also functional for X employees of either of the two organizations. They can log in and gain insights into their benefits.

The CVS Health HR website can help you with these Resources

The website is beneficial in numerous ways. Here is a list of resources you can use the website to obtains details about:

  • Information about CVS Health benefits
  • Details about CVS Health pay stubs
  • Work schedules for employees of CVS Health
  • Information about direct detailed deposits.
  • Steps to access CVS Health Human Resource portal

These are some of the primary benefits of an account with myhr.cvs.com. Not everyone can gain access to the website services, only if you are an identified member of CVS Health or Minute HR or have held an identification previously of any of the mentioned companies will you get access to the website.

How to use the CVS Health HR portal

Your employee’s ID card is key for being eligible to redeem the benefits of the website. You need to sign in to the website which would require details about your employment. Hence, the first thing you see is the sign in page when you visit the website. This page has two options. One for New employees and another for X employees of either CVS Health or Minute Clinic.

For individuals currently working in the organization can click on the “logon” button which will lead to a sign in page. However, if you are a former employee of either of the two companies, you can put down details include your existing User ID and Password to gain direct access to the website. Upon login, you’ll find links to various categories. Choose the one you are looking for and details about the same will be provided.

So, the login is pretty much easy.

myhr cvs

  • Visit the website from any of your computer browsers.
  • For new users click on “Logon” followed by the sign in details.
  • For X- employees use your ID and password to login to cvsmyhr
  • Post signing you’ll be able to get details on all CVS Health and Minute Clinic related benefits starting from daily work schedules to information about offers and discounts for employees.

CVS Employee Login Details

All CVS employees receive an employee ID. Your username is your 7 digit employee ID. The password, however, will be the one you use to signing to CVSLEARNet system. The login process and details are the same for ‘Momentum’ members of the staff.

MinuteClinic Employee Details

For employees of Minute Clinic, the username would be 7 digit MinuteClinic employees ID. Password, on the other hand, would be the same that you have set for all your ‘Federated’ platforms.

The login process would be same for CVS Health Distributors. However, the username for login would be their 7 digit employee ID and myHR password being separately set on the website

It is always beneficial to either memorize your username or keep your employee ID handy to access the website from anywhere around the globe.

Specific Resources Access on the CVS Health HR Official Website.

Post successful sign in, you’ll find various links to numerous resources; access them directly from the website. Amongst others, some key links include:

  • Links to Pay Stubs.
  • Links to CVS offers
  • Links to work schedules and more.

Both CVS Health and MinuteClinic employees can enjoy these benefits.

Overall, the mycvshr website is a helping hand for all the employees of CVS and Minute Clinic. In few clicks, it allows access to a number of benefits. The login process is simple and can be easily learned by X- employees as well. Just visit the website, login with you username and password and click on links to get all your work related offers. On the homepage, you can also choose to change your password and sign up as a new user.

Important Links

The two most important links for CVS Heath and Minute Employees are:

For CVS Health/MinuteClinic HR portal: http://myhr.cvs.com
For CVS Health myHR login: https://federatione.cvshealth.com/siteminderagent


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