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LiteBlue – USPS also knew as United States Postal Service is an individual postal service agency authorized by the United States Constitution. Its services are branched across the United States, with its headquarters in Washington DC.

The article focus on a branch of USPS named LiteBlue. We will be discussing how Liteblue.USPS.gov can help the employees of the organization across the nation. USPS provides each one of its employees with a certain employee ID and Password that acts as liteblue login. Lite blue is an easier way for employees to get updates, have interpersonal communication and other such benefits.

The article will go into detail about USPS liteblue and talk about its various features and usage.

About Lite Blue USPS


USPS is said to have the largest retail chain flowing across the nation, much bigger than few of the major retailers like burger king, Walmart and McDonald’s.

Here is how you login to lite blue USPS official website.

USPS being an organization that commenced its services in 1971, their way of working was mostly manual that made communications and management vaguely difficult on a national level. With no web-based technology being used, managing finances and manpower was a task.
However, with such advancement in technology, the introduction of the computer system and of course the world wide web USPS took a sigh of relief. All of its internal services are now linked through this website. From checking delivers, orders to details about salary, management check, and more everything is simple both for the employees and the management through the website.

It is a fact that USPS is amongst the world’s leading postal network. Although it’s services are manual but having a centralized network like liteblueusps and Postal Ease makes operation highly functional. There are numerous benefits of this online service that we will discuss later, first know about its login procedure by visiting http://liteblue.usps.gov/


Facts and benefits about the USPS

USPS has an employee strength of more than six hundred thousand, delivering mails to more than 150 million addresses across the nation in the span of a year. From small towns to large cities USPS covers any and every resident of the United States.
Here is a list of interesting facts about USPS and Lite Blue. Being just a postal service these services might just amaze you.

1. As of 2016 USPS was able to generate a revenue of up to $1.4 trillion through its services.
2. USPS has divided its services into various categories – there are 27.3 million First class mails and 18.0 million Standard mails being delivered across the nation.

3. When we talk about the team strength of USPS- a total of 644,124 employees noted in 2017 including 503103 career and 141021 non-career employees in total.
4. There is also an emergency basis delivery at USPS for special cases including accident-related emails to elderlies and disabled. USPS goes through its mails strictly and takes actions towards delivering its mail faster regardless of the category.
5. Plus, USPS is one of the few organizations that generates its revenues solely from mail deliveries and courier charges. Unlike others, it does not claim any tax returns.
6. Their services are not restricted to any geographical location. Individuals from any state or city can send their couriers from one place to another in the US for just 49 cents plus the stamp cost.
7. USPS includes another category for delivery within 24 hours called Priority Mail Express Service. This is again nationwide, applicable for all cities and states of United States.
8.  Save some extra bucks with recyclable boxes costing cheaper than regular ones.
9. On the website, you’ll find various language options including Spanish and Chinese. English is the primary language.
10.usps liteblue login is considered to have a traffic of about 336 million users.

11. Apart from the website, LiteBlue also has an application for Android and iOS users. Mostly used by customers for tracking purpose

These are few of many such amazing services provided by USPS to its customers. And being an organization older than 40 years there are a lot of facts and interesting insights about the company. Moreover, it’s web services.

Features of LiteBlue USPS


Employees at USPS have been able to manage their work and have better communication post the inception of the website. The website holds a lot of features for the benefits of its users. Listed are some of its most important ones:
1. The LiteBlue is a website for the employees of USPS or United States Postal Services. The employees can communicate and manage their work through the website directly.
2. It keeps a track on employees history and details regarding their services.
3. Customer delivery details can also be viewed on the website making details accessible from anywhere around the nation.
4. Tracking is also important with postal services. Hence, the company provides tracking through the LiteBlue website and application.
5. For postal services with respect to businesses and organization USPS has introduced “Postal One”.
6. Scheduled shipping is done automatically for mails delivery from one destination to other.
7. Details of every order and delivery recorded through the website for future record management.
8. All login and employee details are secure and managed by USPS official team.
9. Data is divided with respect to the hierarchy of employees
10. The official site liteblue.UDPS.gov works with other websites related to its services including Business Customer Gateway, Epayroll, USPS Track, PostalEASE and more.

There are other features pertaining to the usage of the website that would require individuals to physically visiting the website and exploring them. It is highly important for employees at USPS to be a part of the website.

In conclusion, USPS adapted to the new norms of technology helped a lot in its developed and recent growth. The website is a necessity for not only the employees but also the customers. We can produce say that these features are making USPS world leading postal service.


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